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About us

Our intention is not to make just another arts organisation. From the start, we are anti-capitalist, internationalist and socialist in our objectives.

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We want to fight for access to the arts for all. We want to protect art’s freedom to be itself, whatever genre it falls into. But above all we want to fight for a world where art, artists and all working people can truly flourish ; for us, that is genuine socialism.

We have produced our first magazine we can send you a hard or down load version copy for a small donation.  We encourage readers to get together to discuss the ideas in this journal , sell it, write for it, and organise actions to defend the arts.

The problems facing artists are as different as artists themselves. We want to link up all artists struggles with those of the workers movement and visa versa. We aim to highlight these actions in this website and our facebook page.

We want to be part of a movement, built from the ground up in working-class neighbourhoods, to challenge capitalism’s attacks on artists and the arts. And we want to help arm it with the ideas and strategy it needs to win. Successful action, we believe, needs be based on the mass of ordinary makers and consumers of the arts – not big names.

Many of the first members of badart are members of the Committee for a Workers’ International, which fights for socialism across the planet. But from the outset, we are involving artists who want to fight back, but are not members of the CWI. We believe this inclusive approach to be essential. We hope a lot of people will get involved. For it to work, we will need money, time and effort. If the Idea takes off, we will work towards a clear and open democratic structure.

We want new organisations of artists, linked internationally, that fight tooth and nail for a future free from capitalist suffocation. The Russian socialist revolutionary Leon Trotsky worked towards this with the French anarchist poet André Breton and Mexican communist painter Diego Rivera. In 1938 they produced “Manifesto: towards a free revolutionary art”.

We stand in the tradition of these brave and steadfast opponents of capitalism and Stalinism. We want to provide a space for theoretical and historical discussion. These discussions are meant to help us better understand how to fight back. We link them, at all times, with the need for concrete action to win change.

New organisations and leaders are developing across the world to fight for alternatives to capitalism. We believe artists have an important role to play in their development. In helping with this, we want to work with all others who share our goal.

We have chosen the name ‘Bad Art’. We mean this as a reaction against the established arts industry and against capitalism’s control of the arts.

We are not interested in being tame, pet creatives – we want a fight to improve our conditions and unchain the arts. We don’t accept that art must always be inoffensive to be ‘successful’ – or that commercial viability is automatically a measure of success.

We hope to make a positive contribution to the understanding of art and its struggles. To help lead and win those struggles. And to advance the fight for a socialist future.

Please contact on Info@badartworld.net

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