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Badart Magazine  2017 will have articles on Russian Revolution, Trump and Art, Art ownership, An Art Manifesto for today, Surrealism, Revolutionary Music and much much more.

Please help us produce BadArt magazine by making a Donation advanced order of min of €12  (More if you can)

For this we will send you a hard copy in the post.

The magazine will be produced end June 2017 but please donate as soon as you can.

More Information or problems making payments contact us Info@badartworld.net


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Bfin frontadArt Magazine 2016 has 40 pages  of  interviews, reviews and  articles on Struggles in the arts, Robots, Trade unions, End Pay to Play, Prince, Alan Hardman, Walter Benjamin…and much more

Download for free digital copy here for free. If you can make a donation please do.















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